Angel has been a faithful part of this small, growing group of farmers since the first year.  He also serves as one of our resident tour guides of the fields higher up the trail.  He has been growing coffee his whole life and loves to recount tales of walking the fields with his father when growing up.  He has lived through the rough days of civil war when either the army or the rebels would be encamped around his land.  Many years he would go without harvesting his crop to avoid any “run-ins” along the trail.  Angel’s land is one of the furthest from the village being well over a 3 km hike.  Our first time visiting his land was also his first since having a triple bypass surgery the summer previous.  He still outpaced all of us gringos. 

Altitude:  2000m

Varietals:  Bourbon, Caturra

Shade:  Hardwoods, avocado, gravelea

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