Building a sustained future of quality coffee production

Essential to the long term viability of the Santa Marian

coffee farmers’ is their ability to control the production

and processing themselves.  A processing mill, known to

them as a beneficio, has never existed in Santa Maria.

Few farmers have a knowledge of what happens to their

coffee after leaving their hands as picked fruit, sold to the

coyotes, who resell it to the processing mills in the valley below.  Farmers that are concerned with producing the highest quality coffee and receiving the best price possible need to see that the processing of that coffee is done with care and that same focus on quality.  With their own modern coffee mill they will not only have this control but it will create more profitability and jobs in the community. 

So what is a Mill?

After being picked, ripe coffee is delivered to the mill, depulped, fermented, washed, sun-dried and finally stored until shipping for final sorting and processing.

How can we help?

Deeper Roots Development is assisting in the design and financing of the mill construction, as well as the training in production once in use.  We are accepting donations to fund its construction.  Once constructed, profits from its use will be returned to “repay” is constructed cost to a cooperative fund to be used for future community development projects.  Contact us if you are interested in donating!

The Mill

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