The Farmers

What started as 1 farmer, grew to 3, then 8, and now includes over 20 committed coffee growers.

A community like Santa Maria de Jesus could easily be seen as just needy; lacking in the vital resources to thrive.  A case for charity.  But we found a community with great potential, many assets and one large need...VISION. 

Julio Cuy caught a vision and has been tirelessly spreading it.  He sees the great resource in his people, their skills and their land working together to build a better way forward for themselves.  Individually with the little amount of land and capital each possess, they can succeed only in small ways.  But working collaboratively they can produce some of the best coffee in the world and gain the economic means to help their whole community thrive.

Learn from some of the farmers stories and what they individually bring to La Armonia Hermosa.

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The Farmers