La Armonia Hermosa  - “The Beautiful Harmony”


Nestled high along a fertile volcano, overlooking the

Antigua Valley, Santa Maria de Jesus is an idyllic home

to the finest of Guatemalan coffee. The small, family

farmers of this village have historically struggled to make

a living growing this high quality coffee. Now with La

Armonia Hermosa, things are different.  Farmers receive

higher prices through increased quality, marketability and relationship to their buyers.  By enjoying the fruit of their labors you are giving them new opportunities, a renewed sense of community pride and a chance for economic sustainability.

Our Developing Story

Since 2005 Deeper Roots Development has been at work building collaborations between Santa Marian farmers, committed coffee roasters and coffee drinkers hoping to find both great quality and great story in their cup.  Starting with 1000 lbs our first year, we have helped the group of farmers grow to over 20 with their combined exports reaching 15,000 lbs.  Currently we are investing in the construction of the community’s first “wet mill” to completely process their own coffee for export for the first time.  Learn more about the mill construction here.

The Project

The Project
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